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Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat Class

Rejuvenating Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat in Taghazout, featuring mindful yoga sessions and wellbeing workshops.

Nurture Harmony: A Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat in Captivating Morocco

NOVEMBER 2nd/2024

Cultivate Balance and Wellness in the Inspiring Landscape of Morocco.

Discover the art of living well at our Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat, nestled in the scenic village of Taghazout. This retreat is designed for those looking to enhance their mental and physical health through the balanced integration of body and mind practices. It’s the perfect setting for learning the essential mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing pillars.

Each day, you will participate in yoga sessions carefully curated to improve physical health while fostering mental clarity and emotional stability. These practices will help you establish a deeper connection with yourself, enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Our workshops focus on teaching well-being principles, from nutritional advice to mindfulness techniques and stress management strategies. These sessions provide practical tools and insights to help you maintain a balanced lifestyle beyond the retreat.

Additionally, the retreat includes a serene day trip that allows you to immerse yourself in Morocco’s natural beauty, further enriching your experience and supporting your journey toward health and harmony.

Join us for this nurturing retreat, where you can learn to harmonize your body and mind surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Morocco. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of sustaining wellbeing and balance in your daily lifeequipped with the knowledge and practices needed to thrive.


  • 4 Nights Stay
  • Yoga Classes
  • Coaching Workshops
  • Meditations
  • Acro Yoga & Partner Yoga
  • Ice Bath
  • Day trip
  • Breathwork
  • Surf Equipment
  • Airport Transfer assistance
  • 2 Vegetarian Meals per day
  • Bonfire Night


  • Sunrise Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Freetime
  • Afternoon Workshop

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