Turn Your Passion into Your Profession

We teach you everything you need to know to escape the 9-5 and create a life where you can work on your own terms. Start living the life of your dreams without waiting another minute!

What it means to break free from
the 9-5

  • Live every day to the fullest
  • Reclaim your life and purpose
  • Connect with new, inspiring people
  • Explore new places and cultures
  • Never compromise on your personal satisfaction and dreams

Who is this course designed for?


Feeling stuck in a mundane routine? This course offers a roadmap to breaking free from boredom, turning your passions into a profession, and reigniting your enthusiasm for work.


Just graduated and unsure of your next steps? Join us to learn how to leverage your skills and interests to create a fulfilling career path that aligns with your passions.

BREAK FREE FROM THE 9-5 online course dris and julinda

in Transition

Whether you’re changing careers, re-entering the workforce, or seeking a fresh start, this course provides the tools and guidance to turn your life’s passions into a meaningful profession.

But I feel trapped in my 9-5 job and only know a little about running a business.

You will learn how to overcome any limiting beliefs and navigate new environments with confidence.

BREAK FREE FROM THE 9-5 with dris and julinda today

Do I need special education? I don’t know much about entrepreneurship.

We will show you how to transfer skills from your past experiences and learn new ones to succeed.

What if I choose the wrong path?

We will help you find your true calling so you can make choices aligned with your core values.


I’m afraid of failing and making a fool of myself

We will teach you how to develop the right mindset, build courage, and embrace challenges.

What if I miss the stability and routine of my current job?

We will guide you in creating a flexible routine that offers stability while allowing for freedom and adventure.


I’m afraid of losing contact with friends and relatives, of missing them

Today more than ever you can feel close to anyone, even if far away.

We will Give you everything you need to overcome fear and take the big leap.

Trust Us, We Have Been There


We are Dris & Julinda 

We both quit our jobs to start elsewhere from scratch.
Today, we enjoy a life of freedom and adventure while teaching others how to do the same.

Who we were before

Before starting my coaching business, I worked as an art director and project manager for top agencies for over ten years. I contributed to innovating new business solutions and developing new products for Scandinavian countries. In 2015, I quit my job in Sweden to start an entrepreneurial journey and gained a lot of experience working with international clients, founders, athletes, startups, and corporate organizations in over 25 countries.

My background is in HR, education, and learning and development, and after many years working in companies in the UK., I quit the 9-5 and dedicated my life to serving a higher purpose with a certification as a Holistic well-being coach, obtained in Goa, India. I specialize in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga and lead dynamic sessions emphasizing fluid movement and expressive body techniques. Beyond mere exercise, I see yoga as a philosophy of living and loving.

Our mission is to advocate for healthy, purposeful living

Our shared passion for health and wellbeing has led us to become business partners and life companions. Together, we blend our unique talents and energies to form a harmonious synergy, embodying a balance of masculine and feminine essence, creating a powerful fusion of strengths. Aligned in vision and spirit, we stand as a formidable team poised to enact meaningful change in the lives of our clients. Our journey inspires all those who strive to achieve their goals and dreams.

What You Will Find in This Course

  • Embracing Change: Transforming Fear Into Excitement for a Fulfilling Life and Career
  • Our story and transformational journey
  • How to study this course

Assess Your Life: Identifying Areas for Growth and Improvement

  • Class 1: The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Class 2: Discovering Your Core Values: The First Step to Pursuing True Happiness

  • Class 3: Discovering your Ikigai: A compass to life’s purpose

  • Class 4: Unlock Your True Potential: Setting Goals to Achieve Your Ikigai

  • Class 5: Design your Dream Life Exercise

  • Class 6: Harness the Power of Visualization: Boost Confidence and Navigate Obstacles

  • The Why Not Now Exercise: Overcome Barriers and Embrace Your True Self
  • Unlock Your Unlimited Potential: Overcoming Past Limitations and Pursuing Your Dreams
  • Embracing a Growth Mindset: Transform Your Thinking
  • End of the module exercises
  • The butterfly effect: Small changes, Big Impact
  • Overcoming the Fear of ‘Wasting’ Years in Pursuit of Your Career Dreams
  • Finding the Skills You Need
  • Practical things to consider
  • Overcoming Fear of Judgement: The Power of Storytelling
  • Courageous Flow: Conquering Challenges
  • Patience and Persistence in Practice
  • Transformation Flow Yoga
  • Flowing Through Change: Yoga for Adaptability
  • Rising Strong: Empowerment Yoga
  • Grounding mediation by Coach Dris
  • Breathwork to calm the mind and boost energy by Coach
  • Cultivating Resilience: The Key to A Fulfilling Life
  • Bonus 1: Case Study Juno and creating the dream life
  • Bonus 2: Podcast Interview with Hicham on entrepreneurship and personal growth
  • Key takeaway lessons

This Course is The Solution
You Were Looking For

Stop wasting precious hours, days, and months on a life that doesn’t wait.

Many people spend years contemplating this step, while others never take it, paralyzed by the fear of failure.

With our guidance, everything will make sense.

Some get lost in the endless maze of online articles and YouTube videos, searching for the necessary information.

With us, you will have no questions left unanswered by the end of the journey.

Many hesitate because they don’t truly believe in the possibility of living such a free life.

With our 10+ years of experience handed over to you, you’ll wish you would have started sooner

Transform Your Passion
Into A Profession for


  • 4 modules and over 20 video classes to guide you step by step to break free from the typical workday and build the life of your dreams.

  • 8 Videos of Yoga classes to teach you how to build Courage, Confidence, and Embrace changes and challenges.

  • 2 Grounding Meditation and Empowering Breathwork Guided Exercises.

  • Book Recommendations
  • Membership access to our private thriving community
  • 1 Monthly live Q&A and Coaching Session

  • 1 live yoga group class per month

Do you still have doubts?

No, there are no deadlines, the course will be yours as long as the academy exists, so you can follow it at your preferred times.

This comprehensive course covers all aspects of transforming your passion into a profession, from managing finances to building a supportive community. Designed to answer your top questions, this course is perfect for those starting from scratch and those taking their first steps toward breaking free from the 9-to-5 grind.

There is a section in it about how to tell your story and build your personal brand to start attracting business. We also included a book recommendation about this topic.

Everything you need to overcome fear and take the big leap!