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Morocco Retreats

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Embrace a Journey of Adventures, Self-Discovery, Personal Growth, and Joy.

At Your Trance Life, we believe in the power of movement, personal development, and community to promote holistic well-being and growth. By combining these three pillars, we create life-changing experiences that empower individuals to lead personal and professional fulfilling lives. Our immersive retreats offer introspection, connection, and growth opportunities, guiding participants toward their highest potential.

Move, Connect, Grow

Move, Connect, Grow

Empowerment through yoga, community, and coaching for freedom, connection, and personal growth.

Meet your Coaches

Your Multicultural Coaching Team

Julinda Halili

Yoga & Movement Facilitator

Dris Mhammedi

Mindset & Resilience Coach

Empower Yourself: Cultivating Resilience with Dris and Julinda

Join Dris and Julinda for a lecture and workshop on cultivating resilience and thriving personally and professionally. Our experienced facilitators will lead introspective exercises, dynamic movement, and practical strategies to empower you toward greater self-awareness and emotional agility. Discover the power of resilience to unlock your full potential and embrace life’s challenges with confidence and strength.

Life-Changing Retreat: A Testimonial from Two-Time Participant

“I went on Julinda’s Morocco retreat twice in 2023 and it was amazing! At first, I was scared to be with strangers, but it changed my perspective on life. I recommend it to anyone seeking a transformational experience. These memories will always hold a special place in my heart.”
– Mela

    Workplace Wellbeing

    Wellbeing at The Heart of Your Company’s Success

    Join Coach Dris & Julinda in fund and transformative events to improve your team’s cohesion and bring more success to your company.

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    Take the biggest adventure of all of them

    Take the biggest adventure of all of them

    We fuse movement, connection, and growth for transformative experiences in Your Trance Life. Exclusive empowering retreats fostering introspection, awareness, and personal growth in gorgeous locations.